Montaż modułu zawieszenia pneumatycznego BILSTEIN B4 VW Touareg 7L, oś tylna

During installation, it must be ensured that air suspension modules are always replaced in pairs. Observe the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications regarding the replacement of bolts and self-locking nuts and the prescribed tightening torques. Typical workshop tools and a diagnostic tool are required to replace the air spring modules.

Notes: Check the entire suspension system thoroughly for damage. When fitting the pressure line to the air suspension module: Do not kink, twist or crush the pressure line. Never lower the vehicle completely from the lifting platform with depressurised air suspension. Please note: As the shock absorbers integrated in the air suspension module have an electronic control, the protection of the cables should always be observed. In order to exclude malfunctions, it is also advisable to check the associated contacts in the course of installation.

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